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Additional Free STLs, Progress Update
about 1 month ago – Thu, Sep 01, 2022 at 07:57:18 PM

Hi everyone,

Hope you've been keeping well - here's some updates of note:

Additional free miniatures / STLs

Perfect for objective markers, scatter terrain, or pre-loved ones. The net spectres are separate models and these incorporeal corporates make an appearance in the book with full rules should you wish to use them in game - Download link for everything available here .

Open, closed, and empty caskets, with and without candles (one previous owner)

Overall progress:

Bottom line up front:

Text: 90%

Imagery: 85% - Awaiting approximately 10 images  (1-2 weeks turnaround)

Layout (combining the two): 75%

New meaning to the word 'jailbreak'...

Backer surveys:

90% completed - if you need to complete your survey or wanted to get your hands on any of the final copies of our limited add-ons, the link is available here

The trading floor opens, and folding stocks are in. One of several art spreads (text TBC!)

Looking forward to our next update - cheers as always.


on behalf of the Chronicle RPG Team

Backerkit Surveys and Overall Progress Update
2 months ago – Wed, Aug 03, 2022 at 09:22:15 AM

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Big updates - Exalted Funeral fulfilment; pre-supported STLs; new artwork...
3 months ago – Fri, Jul 08, 2022 at 06:47:24 PM

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336% Funded - Thank you! Almost time to switch on // log in // shoot out ...
3 months ago – Tue, Jun 21, 2022 at 07:51:24 AM

G'day everyone,

Another thankyou for an awesome outcome; all as a result of your support!

Over the next week we'll prepare a variety of information including surveys for the new STLs as well as a roadmap for the completion of final deliverables for the next two months - Existing pre-supported STLs will be uploaded shortly too.

Room by room.



on behalf of the Chronicle RPG Team

Stretch Goals 3 & 4! Last week left...
4 months ago – Tue, Jun 14, 2022 at 09:06:28 AM

Hi everyone,

Thanks as always for your support, even more stretch goals and free content has been unlocked thanks to you! Details below:

Adventure 1 Results

ZB has just eked out a win based on initial voting:

With this in mind, we've created some initial concept work:

Artwork typical of the late 22nd century.

Additional free STLs unlocked!

We'll hold a vote once the campaign is complete, as depending upon your preference these may be related to existing adventures or entirely new concepts.

Adventure 2 Survey

As of writing this we're close to unlocking the next stretch goal, an additional 5 free pages of content! Here are the current options:

Advanced persistent threats are watching, waiting - Atropos incarnate.

  • Pseudo-omnipotent neural nets observe the players and seek to influence them for weal or woe
  • Played in conjunction with any other adventure, where AI activity results from player actions
  • Also includes optional rules for influencing one-off skirmishes.

Chthonic kill houses formed of subways, sewers, ossuaries. What you seek is deep within - trust me...

  • Teamwork is a necessity, however scenarios and 'friction' rules make for consistently difficult choices
  • High-risk, potential reward slog as your warband's endurance and character is tested
  • Single chapter adventure.

Bullets have an exit strategy - shouldn't you?

  • Hunt and compete for a variety of high-payoff targets over multiple one and two-part scenarios
  • Optional content for bounties being placed on warbands by players or NPCs
  • Single-chapter adventure - assuming you get out clean...

Voting available here!

Further stretch goals

We've created a few extra stretch goals, including more pages of weapons/equipment as well as the possibility of unlocking all adventures so far!

Thanks for reading this far, we hope you're looking forward to everything.

Finally, ensure you check out CY_Borg: Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die ; also in its final week and an awesome looking project!



on behalf of the Chronicle RPG Team